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Peter Leth points to this site of interest. But, the belt is the fetish, the corset only a means to an end. My mum was in her 20s in 's London and she and her friends all wore those swirley [sic] skirts with lots of stiff net petticoats [sic] underneath, a little jumper and a wide belt. Anyway - she and her friends aimed at having a 16" waist. She gave me a few of her old wide leather belts for me to wear when I was a teenager, and you could see that they were all worn on the tightest hole - 16".

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I love to cinch belts extreme tight around my waist. So tight they hurt every breath I take. Am I strange?? Not strange at-all. Everyone has something that turns them on and yours is tight belts.

Women can wear some fetish style clothing in public without looking odd thigh boots, long gloves, tight jeans etc. Men don't have that luxury. So if wearing a tight belt does it for you then have fun and go for it. I just love it when a woman holds me from behind with her hands kept pulled way back extremely tight into the soft of my stomach.

Comes from getting held on laps that way a lot when I was a kid, blame a couple of older teenage girls in my environment. When I was a boy, my teenage cousin always held me on her lap with her hands kept pulled back into my stomach a good inch to two inches deep. She often did this openly right out in front of our family, and it was secretly affecting me in ways nobody including probably her ever recognized.

But nobody ever thought anything of it, in fact they usually paid no attention to the peculiar way she was holding my stomach in. This led to me getting my babysitter to hold me on her lap the same way, only with her hands kept pulled back into my stomach much, MUCH tighter. So tight it felt like she was going to snap me in two. She was a big brawny farmgirl, and I think she found this Tight belt fetish simple way to keep me entertained, and keep me held silent and still whenever she was watching TV. I loved it, though I know I would have died if anyone else had ever seen the strange abnormal way she always held my stomach constricted in so excruciatingly tight!

As I grew older this led me also to experiment with tight belts. Years ago I was in touch with several people online who were into tight belts and I felt a certain kinship with them, but they were few inhardly enough to maintain critical mass as an online community.

My ex wife used to like wearing a tight belt.

She would also make skirts for herself with very tight waist bands, even down to 20". Her mother used to say that, as a girl, she would pull her belts so tight she feared she would cut herself in two. Her daughter, also, liked tight belts as a girl and teenager. Her Brownie uniform, in those days, was a brown dress with a leather belt. She would fasten the belt tight, and, over time, would pull it in more notch by notch. She would like wearing a belt all night, and could, on occasion, pull it in to 42 cm.

She liked to wear dresses a lot and always with a tightly fastened belt. Perhaps there was some genetic connection there. Das ist einfach traumhaft There indeed might be a genetic component to this behavior.

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It certainly is NOT harmful to pull in a belt several notches, as long as one does not overdo it. Forty two CM is roughly 16 inches and would not entail any bodily problems, at least not normally. I tight belted smaller than 16 inches as a kid and never suffered any problems WWL.

There seems to be a growing trend for tight belt wearing to be relegated just to the fetish scene, rather than to be enjoyed by the wider public. Wearing a tight belt should be a personal preference and not get marginalized into just some weird practice. We need MORE 20, 18 or even 16 inch waists, whether on women or men. No more "closet" mindset!

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Unusual, but not strange. I too have worn tight belts all my life, sometimes extremely tight - as hard as I could get it. It does not constrict blood flow to the sexual organs; in fact it causes arousal. It has never done me any harm and has provided a lot of pleasure.

I love walking or cycling with my belt pulled very tight. I, too, like to see females wearing tight belts - this causes arousal too. Sadly, these days, females don't seem interested in waists at all. My first girlfriend was very slim and could wear a belt very tight all day, even down to 20".

She was not the only one at that time. My waist was often pulled in more than 7 or 8 inches, and measured, over the belt, as little as 17 inches! Never did me any harm but a few faint red marks on my waist and back.

So it seems safe to pull your belt in as tight as you can stand, making your waist as small as physically possible. But better to limit the time so constricted to an hour or two, at least at the beginning. Not really strange, but perhaps a bit odd. Pulling a belt tightly around waist is not dangerous but one should choose a smooth leather belt, NOT some rough one or a woven belt. Good luck with tight belting. I'm 'strange' too in that way - but it's lovely.

Like to see females doing that also. Not strange.

Well, maybe a little bit, but I like gradually tightening my belt around my waist until I can't get it any tighter. So I guess I'm a little bit strange too. I dont think you are weird at all bro. Iam 47yrs old and Ive been doing that since I was about I also have the same fascination with a tight belt as you. Same here.

Its impossible to get away from! Ive been doing the tight belt trick since I can rememberand still do at 84 Getting a bit scared now as I feel I may do meself some harm.

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But just HAVe to partake when the mood takes me. I now have a rubber belt made from an worn out wide bicycle tyre that I can get very tight by traping it in the hinge side of the door and pulling; just pulling. Wonderful feeling when you get that extra notch tighter one then lays in bed and times how long you can live with it that tight.

There is a website, Sensory Processing Disorder, that has posted a very long thread on wearing tight belts. Just go to "My son wants everything tight" to access it.

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