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This training is everything you need to become a cuckold and turn your normal sex life into one that matches your deepest cuckold fantasies. You will not find anything like this online. Right now you probably think it would be impossible to get your wife to try sleeping with another man? Women usually like cuckolding more than men do and once you open the conversation up and give your wife the chance to make it reality 9 times out of 10 she will.

You can try a couples sex quiz or find a way to ask her if she would think about having a threesome with another man. I just needed to let her start exploring it in real life, once I did that she opened up and was wanting to try everything I fantasized about and more. Women will only talk about the idea of cuckolding, threesomes and swinging for so long before they get bored or awkward about it, the only way to advance is to present her with a chance to be with another man.

It means you need to find what you and her both want to try, start off really slow, work out some rules and then go and try it. You can find out more ways to get your wife to try cuckolding in my full guide. Now let me go into a little more detail about each type, to help you work out which one you relate with.

The bull and her might humiliate you and she may only allow you to fuck her with condoms and after her bull is done with her. You enjoy it when your wife explores her sexual side with new boyfriends without you being present. He will order them to fuck, tell them what they can and cannot do and will in when he pleases.

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Nude Beach: If your wife is comfortable go to a nudist beach and try walking around nude. Flashing: Ask her to flash a stranger. Get her to wear a short skirt and have her drop something and bend over or where a revealing top without a bra.

Public Sex Toys: Get a remote control love egg and have her wear it outside, even better both go to a night club with it in. Find a guy she thinks is hot use this dating site if you need helpget his and have her sext him with or without nudes. Tell her to flirt and be herself with him and remember if she is taking nudes to not include her face. Using the webcam method full guide hereyou can experience cuckolding without leaving your bedroom.

Using this online dating site you can easily find a hot, hung man for your wife to have webcam sex with. My girlfriend Sarah loves masturbating with men on cam and I love watching her, we still do this at least 3 times per month. If you want to find a bull, man who will allow you to watch or a man for a threesome these dating sites are the best.

Start by getting a drink and asking her who she thinks is hot then you give her a little challenge:. Usually, during threesomes, the wife can have whoever she wants, but they are only allowed in her ass. You can stick to these rules, changing them as you please for as long as you need to, some cuckolds hold onto these rules forever and only allow their wife to share one or two parts of her body with other men, saving the rest for them.

I recommend reading these stories from Reddit about guys who tried cuckolding for the first time. Just understand that If your wife takes a lot more than she gives in your relationship sharing her will result in her taking everything she wants and giving nothing back. A lot of cucks will never actually say stop, so a safe word is an easier way to get everything to stop without having to be the guy who stops it all. I recently watched this video and it might help people who are just started out understand a little more about the fantasy. Update: Want to the only cuckold membership you will ever need?

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our Cuckin membership and have all that and so much more. I'm the cuckold of cuckin. I write about my experiences sharing Sarah and about the things I learned. I've been a cuck for the past 4 years of our relationship, but have been studying this lifestyle for the past 10 years, when I first found out I got turned on by the idea of my partner being with other men.

This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I genuinely enjoy reading your articles. Do you have any one-on-one services? I used a lot of the advice and it worked really well with my wife, I think she just wants to ask you a few Training a cuckold. My wife really wants to give it a try, we are a little awkward, but I really think your webcam sex idea will help us. One story I told my wife during lovemaking was a made up scenario where she is getting expertly screwed by a young muscular hunk- while me her husband was sitting in a chair watching, unable to move unless she finishes with him.

Then — I stop talking- and I ask her….

2. punishments and rewards

Will you let me come to you? And let her talk… She will hesitate for xx secs- you might have to ask her several times! I love my goddess wife up until 2 years ago I was the dominant but these last 2 years I have become so submissive to her I want her to get what she needs and deserves thats a real hard dic to fuck her good my lil dic isnt enough I have found enjo0yment n eating her ass oil massagingg her body that le to me eating her ass with my butt plug n my ass she will tell me to eat her ass while she rides her 10 inch dildo getting me to tell her i like itvif i do fuck her and cum i eat my cum which i love.

Hi, are there any links for myself the wife who would like to experiment with this but has a reluctant husband? I need some advice, my wife loves to watch gang bang porn, i told her i want her yo be fucked like that she is fantasise, but after that she says how you looking at me after that, we doing anal, dp with dildos. But i want to be cuckold, she only loves fantasises need advice.

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Looking for a couple or a dominate woman you can teach me to be a cuckold. More about me if I get a response. Thank you for this guide. My wife found it helpful as she has been recently very accepting of the fantasy following almost 6 years of continued discussions.

She is enjoying the dominance side of it where she controls my ability to use my cock. She keeps the keys of my chastity device. We have been using swinging sites and twitter which she finds arousing!.

Thank you again and I must tell people that they need to be patient and open about their feelings with their wives. Role Play is amazing ice breaker. This a wonderful guide and very accurate. My wife and I have been in this scene for 12 months now and are now selecting men who can prove they are STD clear to cuckold me. It is thrilling to see men release into my wife while I watch. Our relationship is stronger than ever and both agree this is the ultimate sex for a loving coupkle.

Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. What type of cuckold are you?

How to simulate being a cuckold with sex toys. The road to becoming a cuckold without emotional issues.

1. enforce chastity

How to try cuckolding without consequences. How to find a cuckold date.

Whether you need to worry about condoms. What You Should Read Next Comments: Hi! Thanks for your time! So do you have a podcast yet going over this stuff? Please do it! You may not have to work lol.