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Brink Bionics completed a very successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in and gained the confidence to take part in the CES just last week. The Waterloo, Canada-based startup has a single ature product for now, the Brink Bionics Impulse. It is described as a "neuro-controller for PC gaming," and takes the form of a glove that uses built-in sensors to read your muscle bio-als and applies AI to accurately predict your clicking intentions. They key claim for the product is that it can improve your gaming reaction speeds by as much as 80ms. In PC gaming, particularly in the genres mentioned above and in competitions, milliseconds matter and gamers invest heavily in tech that promises to help them improve reaction times - be it an expensive monitor with minimal lag and latency, powerful PC components, or premium peripherals. The Impulse hastens your reaction times by knowing what you are thinking about doing, by reading those electrical muscle impulses, and 'clicking' for you before your muscles would be able to get around to completing the action.

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SourceFed mainly focused on popular culturenews and technology. SourceFed was a part of DeFranco's portfolio of Internet-based media properties, including his own eponymous news YouTube series.

In an interview with ForbesDeFranco stated that he originally wanted to turn his daily show into several daily segments. He added that there was confusion among his audience when this format was tested, convincing DeFranco that he would need to create a new series to not alienate, but grow his audience. The SourceFed YouTube channel was created in April[2] and was originally based on a blog of the same name. The channel became defunct shortly afterwards.

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However, in lateYouTube began its funding of original or premium content channels. Due to DeFranco's position as a YouTube partner, the website offered him funding for an original channel. However, DeFranco negotiated for less funding, in return to have creative control over the channel's content. The channel launched as an original channel on January 23, Curb Cash ended in March Since then, SourceFed has debuted new additions to the channel's lineup.

As additional content was being introduced, the SourceFed crew expanded, adding hosts and editors to its team. In earlythe Maxim Hot voting website crashed on multiple occasions. Bereta and Morgan claimed that these crashes coincided with them telling their audience through 20 Minutes or Less to vote for Newton as a write-in candidate. SourceFed hosts Meg Turney and Elliott Morganalong with Philip DeFrancopresented a series of videos as part of YouTube's "Election Hub" during the Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Conventionand ed journalists during live coverage streamed at the end of each night of the conventions.

It was put down to it being in an 'experimental stage'.

While discussing the cancellation of SourceFed inDeFranco detailed that after selling his DeFranco Creative umbrella to Revision3, he began to have less involvement in SourceFedbefore having no involvement at all. DuringSourceFed was announced to be a sponsor of that year's VidCon, as well as special guests of the event.

During the event, the couch featured on Comment Commentary was "eaten" by Sharkzilla, the mascot of Shark Week. On September 19,the SourceFed Nerd channel reachedsubscribers. When conventions related to the fields of gaming and technology, such as the Consumer Electronics Show CESoccur, the channel sends some of its hosting personalities to cover news from the convention. Morgan and Turney, like the hosts which would leave after them, appeared in other online media promptly after their departures; Morgan would work with Mashablewhile Turney would become part of Rooster Teeth 's personnel.

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In SeptemberZaragoza and Newton hosted a news story covering various charities' refusal of donations from Redditfollowing the then-recent celebrity nude photo leaks. However, Hershberger quickly debunked the claims, posting pictures of her birthmarks, proving the leaked photos did not feature her. Following the controversy, Zaragoza posted a message onto his Reddit defending his stances he presented in the video. DeFranco also took to Reddit, stating that the ificant drop in subscribers was either due to "an error of that individual stats website or YouTube removing dead s.

I let SourceFed control their own creative. Matt Lieberman, the host for the video, suggested that Google's autofill feature pulls up for Clinton's crime reform, despite "hillary clinton crime" being a more popular search term than "Hillary Clinton crime reform".

Trump stated that if SourceFed ' s claims were true, "it is a disgrace that Google would do that. Claims to the contrary simply misunderstand how Autocomplete works.

Our Autocomplete algorithm will not show a predicted query that is offensive or disparaging when displayed in conjunction with a person's name. Discovery Digital Networks ceased to exist in lateas Discovery Communications sold its assets into a new digital media holding companyGroup Nine Media.

This rebranding received backlash from viewers and former hosts. The SourceFed Nerd was left up to serve as an archive of the original content and NowThis Nerd became its own separate channel. In Januarythe four original hosts of SourceFed Bereta, Morgan, Newton, and Zaragoza announced they would be launching a new YouTube comedy channel and podcast, The Valleyfolkin order to work together again.

DeFranco also hand-selected a second batch of three hosts Trisha Hershberger, Meg Turneyand Steve Zaragoza who debuted on the channel in All but Zaragoza would eventually leave the channel throughout and Ross Everett was introduced as the seventh on-camera host, after spending time as a writer for the series. In AprilDeFranco announced Everett was moved back to his writing position. With Bereta, Hershberger, and Newton's departures in late and earlynew hosts were brought on.

He was ly a writer for the channels and made several appearances in videos. Early saw Mike Falzone the main channel as the host of a revised form of TableTalkwhich was brought back to SourceFed ' s main channel content output.

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SPF was shut down in Aprilcausing Suptic to be temporarily released from the staff and Scully to return as a host on the Nerd channel. The series featured 1—2 hosts presenting news stories, and covering a variety of topics.

Episodes of the series were presented in a comedic daily newscast format. Early in its run, SourceFed ' s news series was titled 20 Minutes or Lessas five news stories would be covered daily throughout separate videos totaling 20 minutes or less.

Due to only presenting five stories a day, stories covered on SourceFed often "cross-pollinated", or were influenced by news stories on the PDS. In addition to daily news coverage, the SourceFed channels produced and ed several shows. The channel was consistently one of the top original channels every week. Just something goofy to watch online. Former YouTube channel and news website.

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