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Urta corruption of champions


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The Wet Bitch Urta's House. Or maybe you could climb under the table and give me some relief? You can smell a salty aura emanating from her organ, making your eyes heavy with need. A voice in the back of your mind reminds you of the taste of semen. The invisible texture rolls over your tongue, the saltiness tingles against your taste buds, the heat spre to the walls of your mouth

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Download Submission. Corruption of champions - Art. Prev Main Gallery Download Next. Happy ending?

Happy not quite birthday to fenoxo! Somehow, Urtas curse has been lifted and she is now the mother or father? Of course not counting however many wombs she has bumped up with her horsecock firing live ammo again Listed in Folders Corruption of champions - Art. Fenoxo Art Whore link.

THis is awesome Kesarra Watcher link parent. It should require a massive double concoction to override her infertility. Fertile Utra would be amazing. Plenty of herm horse cocked kits for everyone! Sadly, Fen has stated that the horse dick won't pass on; Urta's kits which can be male, female or herm will be bigger than average, but they'll have fox dicks if they have dicks at all.

Fenoxo Art Whore link parent. Dkiller link parent.

It could be a reward for an optional dungeon Donation drive maybe? Pretty please with Madeleine's sugar on top? Yes it does. We needses it, preciousssssss! Biles PrOn Artist link parent.

Mystic-Wolf link. Oh, this is a great pic - and I so want to see this happen in game as well. Luckily for me, I hear Fenoxo is open to donations to add this stuff to the game in the upcoming donation day.

Your Urta looks so happy and motherly; I think a real family would suit her so well. I've heard that Fen's planning she'll be able to have multiple kids fathering or bearingwhich is great stuff. Kind of sad that they'll have fox-dicks instead of horse-dicks, but, ah well, at least she can have kids! Tridonious link. I would say maybe going to Lumi and having her supercharge an ovielixir, which should then be stirred together with a lustdraft and have her drink it, that should be how to do it in a simple way. Supercharged ovielixer mixed with fuckdraft.

Every follower knocked up by horny fox making up for lost time 8D. Tridonious link parent. That and the bad ending with the 25 minotaur sons, there should be an option where you can betray all your companions to the minotaurs also. Add another few dozen little ones and you'd have what I would end up being if when we can knock Urta up.

Also add another dozen or so with Urta as the dad. ScionOfNight Watcher link.

Azazelsos Photographer link. D'aww, thats cute.

Ichicora-Uzumaki Anime Artist link. Hobgoblin link. I'm used to pictures of this game being really racy, but this one is actually pretty adorable!

Valclaron Writer link. I'm so glad this was added, Urta is so cute when she's giddy with excitement at being pregnant! I really like her, the special quest shows just what a sweetheart she is. Though one might say there are no games like C0C, there's only CoC.

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