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By: koumei And the Sisters have much to celebrate.


On board the ship, the Sisters Hospitaler had their work cut out for them: some Sisters had broken bones, many had cuts and lacerations, some still bleeding or with splinters embedded in their flesh. There were missing eyes, one hacked-off limb, all kinds of injuries that needed their attention. Yet somehow they managed to perform their duties, keeping the survivors as survivors. While this happened, Kasanja sat before the two prisoners.

Now, I seem to remember a deal, or was it a bet, that was made. So let's see, you can have double what the other one had, plus two for every time you attempted a power - I'm told that was thrice, so we're up to fifty four now… you also tried to lure us into a trap, but we expected that, really, so let's just add another six for that, for sixty strokes total.

I really will look forward to that - especially considering a good friend of mine will be returning, and she may want to assist. I'll let her decide what you shall receive for the casualties. At the same time, Galatea and Somnifera held each other, gently kissing each other's faces all over, tracing over the scars with their lips.

I didn't rush far away out of reach, nor did I get in over my head. I performed duties befitting a leader. Kezia and Sylvana likewise rejoiced at their reunion, Kezia already out of her armour and as naked as the Battle Sister she had rescued the latter declining something to wear.

They sat snuggled into a corner, Sylvana on Kezia's lap, holding each other tight. I worried I would never see you again, and so I prayed to the Emperor that He would see me through, and grant me the strength to return to you. It looks like He felt that was the right thing.

I would search to the ends of the galaxy for you, beloved. I don't know how you could have gone so long without the tender touch of another… perhaps that honed your killer instinct? When we return to the shrine-world, we will find time for this, and we will be able to make it last. For now, let me just share my love with you. And so the two rested in each other's arms, calm in the warmth and peace of their embrace.

As the great vessel landed, the legions of the Adepta Sororitas - the Orders both of the Sacred Lilac and the Emerald Shroud - were gathered, waiting to greet their sisters and hear of the victory, as well as to help transport the wounded and ease the fallen to their resting places.

That only eight bodies were carried out was a blessing. When so many walked out of their own accord, particularly the commanders, they could rest easily, not having to worry any longer.

To see that yet another Dark Eldar leader was captive was even better. The celebrations lasted long into the night - when given the chance and reason, the Adepta Sororitas would party and let their hair down like any other.

And they had reason to rejoice. They had removed a major threat from the nearby system, and would soon be able to root out the heretics who let them in and ensure that it never happened again. For the time being, they could enjoy themselves. As they didn't use alcohol outside of religious ceremonies where it was usually used to anoint one, rather than being consumedtheir senses wouldn't be dulled in case of an emergency.

It would do no harm, would not lead to excesses, they could simply have fun and be human. However, in the common dormitory, a smaller, private celebration was taking place. Kezia and Sylvana, naked again, were cuddled up on one of the beds, even as Canoness Zaela of the Order of the Emerald Shroud pulled Canoness Kasanja in, both clad in power armour, to awkwardly hug, and lean in to kiss one another.

Neither couple minded the presence of the other. You can give me the discipline I need. The Inquisitor ran a fingertip up Sylvana's slit, gently stroking her until her finger lay resting right at the top, slowly pressing its way in to seek out her clit. As she did so, her other hand slid along the Sister's cheek, down her neck and to one bare breast, gently fondling her. She then fully extended her legs, pulling Sylvana astride one thigh to rock and slide her along, sex rubbing against her leg.

How much punishment do you need? Make my flesh as red as the armour of the Bloody Rose!

Kezia smiled, gripping her lover's buttocks with both hands and pulling her closer. By then, Sylvana was dripping, her quim opening to allow more direct stimulation from the toned leg of her Inquisitor.

She gasped, reaching out to roll her thumbs over Kezia's nipples. My rear entrance too, I need it everywhere! Kezia then leaned back, spreading her legs as she pulled Sylvana upon her and pressed their crotches together. The Battle Sister moaned and shuddered at the touch, arching her back and reciprocating the action.

She kissed Kezia passionately, then backed away so that their legs could scissor one another, grinding together. Sylvana closed her eyes, feeling the pleasure the Inquisitor was giving her. She hadn't felt a moment of pleasure since her last mission asment, but it suddenly seemed worth it.

She forcefully pressed her slick, soft womanhood into Kezia's, their pearls of pleasure rubbing against each other. Kezia shivered, knowing it wouldn't be long as the mounting sensations built up towards a peak. Trying to hurry Sylvana along, wanting her guardian to feel the crest of ecstasy before she did, Kezia turned a little, reaching over. Once she could reach, despite their warm folds no longer against each other directly and instead gliding over one another's thighs, she pressed her finger up against Sylvana's pucker.

It was the Battle Sister's weakness and she knew it. Ever so slowly, she twisted her digit, easing it inside her lover's tight, inviting rear, making Sylvana moan and shudder. Once she was up to her second knuckle, she circled it about, rubbing her inner passage as she pumped her finger. It was all it took: Sylvana came first, convulsing in a chain of spasms as she reached a crescendo of pleasure.

Are there any other good fanfiction stories like"shape of the nightmare to come" or is that as good as it gets?

Sylvana rode it out, grinding fiercely against Kezia and in turn brought the Inquisitor to a moaning, shivering release. The two just lay there, thighs and silky mounds smeared in their sexual fluids as their chests heaved from the deep breaths taken. Let me just get a drink, I will return soon. Kissing her lover's lips, she headed out, noting that Zaela and Kasanja were naked by then and kissing all over each other's nude, luscious bodies…. Just look at the annihilation performed on our pawns!

Besides, I understand that our master is pleased. Think: The Adepta Sororitas hate us, they fight us every step of the way. But their strive for perfection, their extreme methods of exterminating their foes, the tortures they use, indeed the punishments they inflict on themselves and each other for falling short of perfection, do you not see it?

Their existence feeds our master. All we need is to give them a little push. One day, whether they like it or not, they will be servants of Slaanesh. We just watch and wait. Soon, the captives will likely speak, if only through spite to redirect wrath towards their former helpers, and then, we may enjoy a war that will make Khorne himself envious! If anyone noticed Kezia fetching a glass of the sweetened, spiced water, dressed only in a flimsy gown, they didn't say anything.

Given she smelled of sex, the gown hardly served any purpose. But no comment was made, so she soon returned to Sylvana, eagerly awaiting her discipline. Since the two had first met, at the suggestion of her Canoness, Kezia had applied firm discipline to the Battle Sister's rear. She sat down, placing the glass on the bedside table and smiled. She smiled, glancing over at Zaela and Kasanja engaging in cross-order love, and smiled. She could feel the passion - human love with a little lust. It was Warhammer 40k sisters of battle fanfiction lemon to be in the company of people who knew how to be human.

Her lover hurried to clamber over her lap, rubbing her damp sex against the Inquisitor's thighs as she spread her legs and arched her back.

The first smack was hard. Kezia never built up with a soft warm-up, and Sylvana would have it no other way. The following blow was just as hard, bouncing off her scarred, muscular bottom and causing it to tingle right away. Slap after slap rained down, covering her entire rear with the stinging heat. But that was just the beginning - Sylvana demanded a deep red bottom, and that's what she would get.

Kezia quickened her pace as her guardian gasped and moaned, gyrating her hips as her crotch rubbed against Kezia's thigh. Kezia decided to change her tactic. She started rapidly smacking just one spot on one soft cheek, slapping repeatedly as she built it towards a deep, sizzling red.