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Years old: 21
Hobby: Horney Single Woman Wanting Woman Looking For Couple Horny And Lonely Seeking Mature Xxx
What is my ethnicity: Scottish
Sexual identity: Hetero
Tone of my eyes: I’ve got lively dark eyes
What is my hair: Gray hair
My favourite drink: Red wine
Other hobbies: Sailing
Smoker: No

Masturbation stories that will make you throbbing really hard. He instinctively wanted to inhale every bit of her scent….

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I did many sexual things with this particular female friend, but the focus of this series of stories is a few of the times I masturbated while she watched, and how it evolved into something very enjoyable for both of us. It was a few weeks after we started seeing each other we had already had sex a few times.

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We were at her place and had plans to go out. I was in a heightened state of arousal I hadn't cum in probably close to two weeks and my cock was not going to easily go flaccid in my pants. We had been sitting on the couch, so I stood up to try to cool things down, however it was not working.

She stared at the bulge in my pants and said "you have to do something about that thing" meaning my erection.

She was right, and at first I thought her intent was that I could will my cock to go soft in my pants. I had a serious hard-on, so that was not going to happen in a reasonable period of time. In my aroused state of mind, I had another idea, so I unzipped my pants and pulled my hard cock and balls out through my fly, so I could do something about it as she suggested.

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I began to stroke my cock and she said something like "no way" but smiled and was immediately spellbound as she sat on the couch to watch, not taking her eyes off my cock. At that point I realized she wanted to see me jack off. She had seen my cock a few times before this, but it was the first time I jacked off in front of her and my heart was pounding. It was still daytime plus there were lights on inside, so she had a good and clear view of my hand moving up and down my shaft.

There was an urgency to my stroking, and as I approached the point of no return, I put my free hand in front of my cock and shot my cum into my hand as she watched. Once I was finished my self-loving for her viewing pleasure, I cleaned up and then we went out.

A few weeks later, we found ourselves in a similar situation. Since she liked it and had encouraged it the first time I did it, I knew she wanted to see me jack off again, so I once again pulled out my cock and began to do it for her. As I got close, she got up, stood next to me, and with one arm around me cupped her other hand, wanting me to cum in her hand this time instead of my own. It felt so good to be standing there with her holding her hand out eagerly awaiting my hot cum while she watched.

As always, I liked seeing cum shoot from my cock and I loved the sound of it splattering on her hand. After I came, while looking at the pool of cum in her hand, she said "wow, you had quite a load built-up". As our relationship evolved, we generally did sexual things almost every time we were together. She liked me to pull out and cum on her when the time came, so when we did it in the missionary position, I milked my cum onto her tummy mostly.

A few times I shot so far I hit her face. When we fucked doggy style, I would pull out and cum on her ass or back. I liked how she would turn her head to look back, make eye contact while we both were in the moment, and then watch me pump my cock until I ejaculated onto her ass, as she smiled with satisfaction. She enjoyed watching me and sometimes played with her pussy, fingered herself, or otherwise brought herself to orgasm at the same time, but usually for her it was about me getting off.

Sometimes she would suck my cock or stroke it, but then she liked it when I would take over and finish myself off so she could see the cum shoot out and I liked it too! The bigger the resulting load, the better were her nasty comments and jokes, so I really loved a slow teasing buildup and then milking myself dry for her. You must be logged in to post wall comments or like a story. Please or up free.

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