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Werewolf transformation story


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While many people have heard of the stereotypical werewolf, not many people realize there are real werewolf transformation stories from history. These creepy stories tell of human transformations leading to dark and deadly acts. Stories of werewolf transformations provide a fascinating look into the phenomenon of the werewolf curse. Historians have traced the concept of human shapeshifters back at least as early as B.

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I was scared for my life, but not only that, I was also scared for the people that were about to get hurt by this beast that was coming. When I was 20 years old, I was bit by a werewolf when I was wandering at the park 5 years ago.

My transformations were extremely painful. But however, as I transform, I could hear a voice. But not any voice, the voice of my werewolf side. He told me things during my transformations. I couldn't fight him. He was too strong and powerful for me.

I called him the Big Bad Wolf, named after the antagonist of little red riding hood and the 3 little pigs. Due to how Strong and Dangerous he is. And today, he was coming out again. But I had no time to get to my house to chain myself up.

So in order to keep people safe now, was to escape the city before I turn into him. But however, the full moon was close to coming out already, and I wasn't even out of the city yet. I then look up as the full moon was starting to emerge from the clouds. I then started to feel a horrible pain in my chest as I clutched it hardly.

I said as I kept on running. But however, I was too late. The transformation has begun.

8 creepy werewolf transformation stories

And it started at the tips of my fingers. My nails started to grow longer as they slowly turned black and sharpened to become the claws of a ferocious werewolf. I then looked at my hand in horror as I looked around to find someplace to hide. Luckily, I did.

I found an alleyway between 2 city buildings as I quickly ran to it to hide. After running into the alleyway, I then look at my claws again as I started sweating.

Not now!! I said as I started to feel an even worse painful sensation cover my body as I hugged myself in pain and horror as I screamed in complete pain. I fell on my knees as I felt my hands change.

I look at them as I saw my palms and fingertips swell up as they hardened and turned black. Making them into the paws of a wolf. I stood frozen in horror as my head sweated from the pain of my transformation. Then suddenly, it felt like my hands and arms were getting warmer. I look at my hands and arms as I saw gray hairs sprouting out of them.

But then the hairs grew more until they became a thick layer of gray fur. The fur then grew until it covered my hands and arms.

Werewolf transformations in history and literature

I then watched in horror as I saw my hands and arms as they no longer looked human and looked more werewolf. I then felt tears roll down my eyes as I felt my teeth jolt in pain. I turned around to see a trash can lid as I looked through it to see my reflection. As I did, I saw my teeth as they began to grow and sharpen as they became the razor sharp fangs of a monstrous beast.

What I also saw was my ears. They began to stretch out as they became pointed to look like the ears of a wolf. Then right after that, gray fur grew on them. But it did not stop there. The fur then spreaded from my ears to all the way down to my neck as it stopped. But then the fur on my neck grew longer to become a long wolf mane as the rest of the fur from my neck spreaded to my shoulder and mixed in with the fur on my arms and hands.

I said as I tried to get up. As I tried to get up, a flash of light filled the alleyway as a person started to approach me. But not just anyone, it was a cop holding a flashlight. The man had blonde skin, white hair, and green eyes as he wore a police uniform. The cop then shined his flashlight on me with an angry face. Shouted the cop. I shouted in pain as I felt the transformation progress. I felt my feet in horrible pain as I felt them grow as I felt my toes merge from 5 to 3 on each foot as my shoes got tighter.

Until finally, BOOM!! They burst into shreds as my heels shifted as my feet stretched to make me stand on digitigrade legs as my feet p and toes swelled and hardened as they turned black to become feet paws. The cop then dropped his flashlight in horror. The pain then continued as gray fur began to grow my my legs and started spreading all the way to my torso as my body was now covered in gray wolf fur.

Said the cop as he stood there in complete horror. I said as I covered my mouth after what I just did. I was now scared and horrified of what happened, and Werewolf transformation story could only mean one thing. He was coming out. Then suddenly, I heard an actual howl of a wolf, and that meant some worse. Because now I could hear him, my werewolf side.

I shouted as my voice began to get deeper to fit the beast that was coming out. Shouted the Big Bad Wolf.

I shouted. Shouted the Big Bad Wolf as he roared. I then felt a horrible pain in my whole body as I saw me entire body began to grow and bubble out as I saw my muscles begin to grow. Causing my pants and shirt to get tighter. My body grew from an original human, to the size of a lamp post. As my body grew bigger and as my muscle continued bulging out, I felt my spine stretch out as I felt something burst through my pants and caused them to tear into shreds. I turn around to see a werewolf so tail covered in gray werewolf fur.

And then my shirt followed my pants as my shirt could not take my growing body anymore as I also bursts into shreds. Leaving me with nothing but my werewolf body.

Possible causes of werewolf transformation stories

Except for my face. I shouted at the police officer as I began to feel my face jolting out in pain as the transformation was almost complete. Shouted the big bad wolf as he made a howl. My face began to push out as my nose turned black and wet as it reshape do itself to become a wolfs nose.

I then turned my head as I saw the trash can lid to see my eyes turn from baby blue, to a bright, glowing yellow as my pupils became slit and cat-like. The rest of my fur covered my face as my face finished pushing out as my face was now a werewolf muzzle.

My mind then clouded as I started to forget who I was. My human memories faded away as my mind was replaced with the Big Bad Wolfs memories. Old and new. My eyes then turned angry as I started growling at the police officer.