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What is my husbands brothers wife to me


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Click to see full answer. Furthermore, is my sister in law's sister my sister in law? A sister-in-law could either mean; the sister of your wife or husband, the wife of your brotheror the wife of your brother -in- law. In the first case, your sister-in-law's sisters would also be your sisters-in-lawyes.

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Family relationships vocabulary with LinkNotions Who is who in relation to me in my family?

Family vocabulary

The interactive LinkNotions diagram of an extended family tree in 4 languages In the diagram you can view all the family links. Create your own family tree. Go to our home. Click the image above to view the interactive diagram in 4 languages.

Click the image to get explanations. Aunt paternal by marriage My paternal aunt by marriage.

What different family members should call a brother’s wife

Family relationships vocabulary with LinkNotions. Who is who in relation to me in my family? Create your own family tree Go to our home. Aunt maternal. Aunt maternal by marriage.

What is my husband's sister to me and what is my brother's wife to me?

Aunt paternal. Aunt paternal by marriage. The concept map becomes a visual spreheet!

Brother-in-law through marriage. Cousin first; female. Cousin first; male.

Is your wife's sister in law your sister in law?

Daughter of my first cousin. Male person from whom I descend. My male parent. First cousin female.

What relation is my husbands brothers wife to me?

First cousin male. Full brother. Full sister. Grandfather maternal.

Family relations in hindi

Grandfather paternal. Grandmother maternal. Grandmother paternal. Great grandfather maternal maternal. Great grandfather maternal paternal.

Great grandfather paternal maternal. Great grandfather paternal paternal. Great grandmother maternal maternal. Great grandmother maternal paternal.

Great grandmother paternal maternal. Great grandmother paternal paternal. Half-brother maternal. Half-brother paternal.

Family words in hindi

Half-sister maternal. Half-sister paternal. The son of my parents. Female person from whom I descend My female parent. Sister-in-law by marriage. Son of my first cousin.


Uncle maternal. Uncle maternal by marriage. Uncle paternal. Uncle by marriage paternal. Uncle by marriage maternal. Use the diagram below to see family links in 4 languages:.

Enlarge the diagram on family relationship vocabulary.