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Rik Worth 20th November Witchcraft has always had a strong association with feminism. While most other religions work within a patriarchal structure and place women behind men, Wicca teaches a balance between male and female and even has Goddess sect with a specific focus on feminine divinity. No doubt millennial witches are influenced by pop culture milestones like the cult movie The Craft and TV shows like Charmed and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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It can be easy to assume sex magick, or any magickal practice, is about power, dark forces, or spooky ingredients—but the truth is a lot more tame—sorry! Magickal practice in general is about energy and manifestation. Many cultures utilize magick more on that in a minute. Magick is simply about being mindful, focusing on an intention, and using that energy for an outcome.

Sex magick is also about intention. Essentially, it's about harnessing the feeling of your sexual experience, solo or partnered, to focus on your desires.

Looking to score a promotion or a raise? Ready to begin a course of therapy and want to bring positive intention into your sessions?

Or, how about manifesting deeper relationships with yourself and others? Sex magick can help you channel your energy and focus it on those desires. Sex magick practiioners often use slow, intimate moments to build energy.

They may also come close to oragsm, then back off, then build again and again until a final crescendo. Slower sex, explorative sex, intimate moments, and communicating a mutual intention or manifestation with a parter are all great things. They can help us relieve stress, re-invigorate our sex lives, increase body confidence and generally make pleasure a lot more fun. Today, sex magick is practiced by witches, healers, pagans, Wiccans, and every day folks who find it helpful or fun. But it has been around for millennia.

Sex magick is often conflated with tantric yoga, which we covered in a post. Other ancient cultures, such as the Greeks, almost certainly used sex magick in devotion to deities like Aphrodite.

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And remember Bilquis, from American Gods? In more modern times, practitioners like Aleister Crowley abused magick and gave it a bad name. Later, Crowley became addicted to drugs and passed away in Hastings, England, in Because of notorious figures Wiccan sex rituals general fear and misunderstanding, Christian groups in the U. InThe Guardian reported on the uptick in active practitioners, many who were working to influence fascist politics or reclaim their personal power. Many pagan, Wiccan, and magick-related blogs can be found covering sex magick, and online communities often feature posts from newer practitioners asking questions about safety and methodology.

There are also Christian, Buddhist, and other types of witches, although you do not have to practice sex magick to be a witch, regardless of religion or culture. Witches on Instagram are particularly active and even sell ingredients or kits to spice up the bedroom or sex magick ritual. Today, witches from all over the world, spanning many different cultures, use magick of various kinds.

Wicca and the christian heritage: ritual, sex and magic

Many witches advocate against love magick or spells because of the way magickal forces work. Magick works best on yourself; manifesting your own success or development is much different than manifesting a particular person falls in love with you.

In general, magick performed on others is simply unpredictable and could backfire. We hope to journey to new, O-inducing heights together. Home Blog Sex Magick.

What Is Sex Magick? That simple definition makes sex magick a lot less scary, right? How Does Sex Magick Work?

The Complicated History Of Sex Magick Today, sex magick is practiced by witches, healers, pagans, Wiccans, and every day folks who find it helpful or fun. Facebook Twitter Pinterest.