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My age: I am 48
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Where am I from: Brazilian
I know: French
My favourite music: Electronic
I like piercing: I don't have piercings
Smoker: Yes

YOU are an essential part of what we do. Simply put, without recurring monthly contributions from readers like you, it's impossible to provide the high quality journalism that protects the marginalized and holds the powerful able. We've all seen what happens to communities when reporting disappears and falsehoods take root. So if you believe our mission is important and necessary, please consider a monthly or one-time contribution to the Strangerand we'll keep working hard for you and those who need it most! My boyfriend doesn't like snowballing, which I'm fine with. However, he won't even kiss me after oral sex, even if I've already swallowed.

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Have you found a willing guy to do it with? I personally love the idea of a girl sharing my cum with me, but I think most people would freak out if you told them you wanted to share your load. Have you seen so many guys posting here that are afraid of even kissing a girl after she gave him a blow job? Lots of guys wouldn't want anything up their butt either if they're hetereo They're in the minority most likely, but not all guys are like that. Thing is, when I give head I'm so focused on pleasing him that the cum seems to go straight down my throat, so I don't think I could even save it to snowball with.

Snowballing doesn't necessarily mean he's putting his own load in your mouth and sharing with you. Sexual Health.


Snowballing is when the girl shares the load from a bj with someone else through making out. What would you think if your boyfriend asked you to snowball with him after you gave him a bj? Share Facebook. Girls-thoughts on boyfriend wanting snowball sexually? Add Opinion. As a guy.


I would try it Especially if she was hesitant on swallowing it, like "uhh shit. As far as question a guys sexuality if they do it.

I would question their sexuality if they were completely close minded to it, lie dude it is your own load from your OWN body. If that grosses them out, it may be a "thou doth protests too much" situation.

But that wouldn't be because the idea of swallowing some other dude's load would be a turn on, but because the idea of turning on a female at all costs. I might go down on a guy, and find it to be mostly heterosexual, if it is the idea of doing it with a female that get's me going Is this still revelant? It's interesting with these type of questions snowballing, anal play etc the younger naive, inexperienced people all say omg gay! It has nothing to do with being gay or not. Guys always want us to taste ourselves on their fingers after they finger us or on their tongue after oral.

Why would this be any different? It's hot both ways babe. This act ok it's it's with someone you love. I'd be down with it, lol, it tells me he's fairly open-minded sexually and I like that.

Plus the 'taboo' factor makes it even more appealing. Im very open minded and have some wild kinks.

Snowball kiss - do you do it?

Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. I think that because it's so dirty and maybe feels a bit wrong that it makes him sexually excited. Let me tell you.

Fact men have no limits when it comes to there own. It's not a big deal unless it makes you feel uncomfortable. If you don't want to do it, then it's tough luck for him! Do what makes you feel comfortable!

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If he complains about it and gives you a hard time for saying no, Then tell him your fantasy is to fist him! Xper 5. Nope, it's just a fetish. Lots of guys like to eat their own when they JO, lots more have the urge, but loose it after they come and they are not horny any more. I would love to try anything like this. It's is such a turn for me and I wish I could get my wife to do it.

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I think she's a lot like the other women who go ewww. I telling you ladies your men want to go farther. You really do hold the key. Try it! Kellykelkelltik Xper 4. I suck his D after he penetrates me. Why not him kissing my mouth after unloading in it? I think that would be rather upsetting and Well off putting in my opinion. If my Boyfriend asked me to do that, I would probably be taken aback from it. And well, to be blunt, turned off. That's just Yucky. I'd rather not have him be like 'Hey, I just fingered you, wanna taste yourself? But I would think he were gay or at least have homosexual tendencies if he or any guy asked me that.

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The only snowballing I've ever heard of was one girl spitting it into another girls mouth. It's not suppose to be a girl spitting it into your mouth.

That's nasty, and you'd definitely be gay. The only way it would be gay is if you were into guys. Nobody talks about this but it should be totally a part of the the deal. Its a taboo but it go for it. Nessygurl95 Xper 1. I think it's hot. I live when a guy is open to trying anything. Jaxstaff Xper 2. I would be ok with this.

It's very hot. I'm not gay but I have tried my own cum. I'd be cool with trying that.

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CuriousEddie 2. I'm always thought that was kinky I've let my girlfriend snowball me, I look at it this way, it's a turn on for both of us and if she swallows my cum it's the least I can do.

LaurenExplorin Xper 1. I think it's hot to kiss after. Related myTakes.

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Girls-thoughts on boyfriend wanting snowball sexually?

My take on why I think I am lonely and maybe a lot of you are too. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Learn more. Yes No.