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Thank you for opening requests! I am really devastated that you no longer write for Silmarillion, but at the same time I am excited that you decided to write for The Witcher.

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I had so much fun writing this for everyone! Please enjoy the delicious Geralt smut we all love.

You can find the link here : The Thief and the Witcher: Part 1. Your cheeks were flushed and you wiped some sweat from your hairline bashfully, looking to Geralt desperately for his next move. You remembered seeing him in the hallway earlier- his impressive muscles rippling all over his tight, towering body, the dark, wet body hair that swirled all over his chiseled Witcher fanfiction lemon.

You licked your lips and extended your hand forward again, reaching for the rock hard cock you knew was eager under that black leather. The inn was even louder now, full of cheery, drunk patrons and your friend Lucja. Though she was no longer beside you, she had made her way over to the opposite side of the table where Jaskier was sitting. She was propped dreamily on his chest while he played and sang to her. Her eyes looked up at him in adoration as he playfully glided over the notes of a familiar tune- you think it might be the one about Geralt.

I trust you remember where it is. You shivered at his touch so close to you again. You understand me? Geralt rose abruptly, nodded to Jaskier and made his way to the stairs.

The world danced-geralt and yennefer smut fanfic

Lucja stirred as if waking from a dream and attempted to sit up. Jaskier cradled her lovingly, kissing her cheek lightly and helping her regain some senses. Have a fun night lovebirds! You made your way up the staircase again and to the narrow hallway. The heavy door opened to the same room you had raided earlier. The same fire filled the hearth, though a little weaker with time- Geralt was adding logs now. The light of the fire illuminated his skin in the most beautiful way.

The dramatic bone structure of his face was emphasized by the warm, low light. Deep shadows cast under his cheek bones and impressive jawline. You saw his collarbones deepened, the blaze catching the faint glisten of sweat that gathered on them.

You gulped and closed the door behind you modestly, suddenly feeling embarrassed at how unraveled you had been just a few moments before. Now Geralt stood before you, his bed to the side and his sword still swung on your hip. He crossed the room quickly and wrapped his giant hands around your jaw, pulling you in hard and Witcher fanfiction lemon your lips. You had to stand on your toes to reach him, even as he bent down to kiss you.

You grasped his forearm with one hand, and brought the other to rest on his chest for support while you balanced to reach him. Your fingers danced under the loose buttons and swirled up in his thick chest hair.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

You felt his tongue sweep into your mouth, teasing you upwards on your toes. He smoothed his large hands down your body and rested them on your waist, testing your curves. Then he suddenly used both hands to spin you around quickly, facing you away from him.

His giant left arm imprisoned both of yours easily, while his right hand made for the belt on your hip, his sword swinging from it still. You could feel the weight of it, but he effortlessly wielded it with one hand, resting the cool metal on the soft skin of your exposed throat.

You swallowed hard, feeling the sword dig into you deeper. A heat grew in your stomach and radiated down between your thighs, concentrating on your sex, burning for Geralt. He kept the sword in place, released his grip on your arms and began to circle in front of you. He extended the sword as he made his way to face you, the pointed end resting under your chin, right Witcher fanfiction lemon the most tender part of your throat.

The fabric fell to the sides and your breasts revealed themselves, your nipples hardening with the feeling of the cold silver on your bare skin. He groaned at the sight of them, sucking his teeth a little and closing the space between you. You were desperate to feel him again, to have him touch you there. With one hand still cupping you possessively, he used the other to push the sword into your throat a little more as he came in closer to you.

He threw the sword and it clamored across the wooden floor. His big hands ran over your body, engulfing your breasts and waist, making you feel small. His lips ravaged you, kissing up your neck, sucking on your collar bones and taking your mouth. His lips danced expertly with yours, not a single clumsy move as his tongue played and teased.

Your legs felt weak, but he easily supported you with his strong arms as he moved into you. He unlaced your trousers again impatiently and cast your belt to the floor below you. You became even weaker as his hands slowly slid the trousers down your thighs.

He bent to savor the scarcely revealed soft skin of your legs. Once they were off, he groaned over your cunt. He pulled you towards him and bringing his lips to your slick folds. He kissed you lightly, then dove his thick tongue between them, running it from your opening to the crest.

You moaned above him, grabbing onto his broad shoulders for support, growing weaker by the second, your knees buckling. You were lifted into the air and suddenly over Geralt as he rested your legs on his shoulders. He supported your weight with his hands on your back and continued relentlessly working your cunt with his mouth. His tongue traveled expertly inside you then periodically back up to lap circles around your clit.


Your fingers gnarled themselves in his thick, long hair for support. You threw your head back and moaned, now enjoying the freedom of privacy with the Witcher. He walked you to the bed, still on his shoulders and placed you down. Your body trembled with pleasure, waves of electricity made their way through your naked limbs. Geralt pulled the black buttoned tunic over his head in one swift movement, revealing the hard body you craved to see again.

The warm light Witcher fanfiction lemon the fire bathed him in a honey glow, the crevasses of his tight muscles deepened by the lowlight shadows cast over them. He quickly took down his leather pants revealing a thick pair of muscular thighs and the cock you had been desperate for since being teased by the mere outline in a towel.

And what a perfect cock it was, jutting out eagerly for you. It was impressive both in length and girth and boasted many thick and throbbing veins. You gasped at the sight of him, trying to grapple with the fact that you were here with him now, and your naked body lain vulnerable on his bed, waiting for his taking.

Note: this i called it my sick fic-as i wanted to do with the loves but instead listening to the samples of the book which damn i miss so much. so it is nice to write the inspiration behind drago and cecily which are geralt and yennefer which they are so similar it is ridiculous xdddd

You spread your legs, desperate to show how your clit was throbbing for him. His cock twitched with the observation as he wiped your juices from his mouth with the back of his hand. He moved to you quickly and laid his cock down across the heat of your folds. You could the feel the weight of him on you and your walls clenched, desperate to feel that heft inside you. He took the tip of his cock to your clit and you inhaled sharply at the pressure, he had you so close to cumming again, the slightest attention provoked you to the edge.

He then crawled on top of you, positioning himself easily with his giant arms supporting his weight just above you.

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You were covered in Geralt, his massive frame encapsulated you, making the air between you hot and thick with want. He teased your opening with his cock and looked down at you. His eyes were hard on you, they were focused until he started pressing himself deep into you; he groaned loudly and they strained to keep open, to keep focus on you as you writhed below him. Your whole body erupted in shivers.

Every inch of his cock stretching your walls sent waves of delirium through you. Your eyes rolled back and you hissed at the pleasant sting as he made his way in you. Your fingers grasped the sheets for support, desperate for grounding. You felt the head of his cock jamming into your cervix. You were so tight around him, you could feel him throbbing in you, heavy. Your walls contracted involuntarily at the deep sound he emitted. He pulled his hips back slowly and you started to pant, feeling him leave you.