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Husband Watches before ing Threesome 10 min. She didn't know what hit her 34 min. HotWife Orders Bull to cum in pussy husband next to her 4 min. I love my brother in law's cock because it is bigger than my husband's - my brother in law fucks me while my cuckold husband is cooking NTR 15 min. Young blonde in fishnets cuckold husband 6 min. For the first time my husband loaned my pussy out to a stranger without him there.

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Discussion in ' Real Life Experiences ' started by robMar 11, Cuckolds Forum. Tags: approve boss cheat wimp. Sex researchers have determined that at least fifty percent, perhaps as many as sixty, have sex with men other than their husbands. I am a happy cuckold. We had a long talk yesterday about what she gets out of being fucked by other men.

I had begun this through months of encouragement.

What I had not anticipated was what she has learned about herself over the past two years of wild sex with others. I have no idea about most of those guys would be as much fun to live with, you know, like you and me on an everyday basis. Another cock inside my married body is, well, just so exciting.

They seemed to agree that sex with one man in marriage le to boredom. They need spontaneous fucking to satisfy them. Yet none of those had any intention of leaving their husbands; their needs, other than more stimulating sex, were met in their marital relationships.

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One told her that her husband earned less money than she did. One said her husband never helped around the house — doing the dishes, minor repairs she did herself, and other common chores; she sought out a man who was more energetic and she looked up to him for his attitude.

The woman she often worked out with in a group at the nearby gym says she had been sleeping with her boss for three months. That confession was particularly fortunate for us. During the time I was pleading to my wife to consider another man, her boss has been coming on to her for the two weeks. I had not ly known about any of her experiences in her conversations with other women.

She went along with that and became hotter. Her imagination was on fire, particularly during orgasms.

The more she contemplated that, along with my encouragement, the concept developed into a craving obsession. So she soon gave in to her boss in his office one night after work. He fucks her often to this day, even though her boss is now engaged to a very attractive woman and plans to marry in June.

She admitted to having fucked others during their engagement and she wants the freedom to fuck others with his permission. She has since fucked other men. They also worry about a divorce. We both know women who have divorced, some several times, only to marry another who is as bad or worse, leading to another divorce. L and I have had lots of these talks over the years. From what I've learned, there isn't any one particular reason why she likes fucking other men, other than she just loves knowing she's free to do it whenever she wants.

The kind of men she chooses can be puzzling to me. She finds intelligent men attractive, but seldom chooses academic types. A certain edginess gets her attention, but overbearing or rude men annoy her. There's always a physical attraction, but sometimes I don't see it until she tells me just after we may meet a guy that he really makes her wet.

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I can see she just really likes being free to tell me that knowing I won't be upset. She tends not to go for men in power positions - her boss or her boss's boss, I think mostly out of respect for them personally, and that she often knows their wives and doesn't feel it's right to endanger their marriages.

L's choice in men has evolved over the years. At first it was more predictable - it always involved an obvious chemistry. The "boyfriend experience" was very important to her, and still can be, although to a lesser frequency. These days it's a mix of qualities. She's been with several bodybuilders and can be obsessed with the power, endurance, and appearance of their bodies, chemistry be damned.

Her most regular partner lately is her coworker, a 6' 8" black manager in another department who has become a friend of mine as well. Physically, he's far from her bodybuilders' build - he's tall and very lean, funny, smart, and she just likes being around him. She gets horny working with him, and while the three of us sit around and chat when he stays at our place overnight or weekends. She fucks our handyman when he comes around, a likeable, sandy-haired, middle-aged guy who is a bit rough around the edges but very outgoing, upbeat, and confident.

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He doesn't think I know, and it's fun to see him try to explain his time at our house while I've been away on the road. L thinks he's too vanilla to accept me knowing, and she's probably right.

And then there's cock size. L swears it doesn't matter, and she doesn't appear to pick lovers based on it. She knows I get off on hearing her brag about her lovers' cocks when we have sex, and she'll go on about it with a satisfied smile while she watches me come. But at other times, out of bed, she insists that the guy attached to it is more important to her. So how can it be that important to me?

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But later, well, if he's big, it can feel really good. What's clear is that what she likes most is the ability to make the decision on her own, to get good sex from any man she wants, surrounded by the comfort and safety of our marriage. L can seem a bit submissive and girly at times, but underneath she craves control.

That part of her had been suppressed for a long time, and now she revels in it.

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It's best summed up in her own words: "When we first met, you were the experienced one. Now I've caught up and even passed you if you count the of lovers we've had. I don't want it to sound mean or selfish, but I like being the more experienced one now. I like telling you how much sex I have. I guess I like bragging a little, and feeling like I'm the one leading us from now on. I can go after men I could never have before, all the while knowing I can almost always get a guy I want. And even when you don't know about it until after I have him, or you don't especially like him, I can tease you a little and you always get hard and want sex with me too.

How could I not love that? DeannaHouston likes this. Rob and Don, I love both of your wives. I'll often think about all of the things I get when I fuck others Jeff wants it?

And it is so complex and multilayered. I think that is why we keep having the conversation It is not just one or two things, and the things change depending on where I am in life. My kink has also evolved as the years pass. I also think Jeff has evolved and somehow we are closer and my insync than ever. Everyday I am thankful I am loved so much, and that I have a partner who meets my needs, and a partner that needs me fucking others. DeannaHoustonMar 12, Deanna and Don, Your comments are insightful and make good sense. My wife enjoyed reading those to me from her computer while I was sitting a few feet away.

She said, "I think Deanna and Don are much like us. Wish they were neighbors.

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